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Malcolm Pryce. (The one on the right.)

Professional freelance writer for hire

I do ads & concepts, copy, content, TV scripts, blog posts, ghostwriting, ebooks and just about anything legal with words. In Oxford.

When I’m not doing that I drink beer and fight tyranny. In that order

Marvellously imaginative…You’ll weep and laugh on the same page. Wonderful



What happened to the funny looking bloke
who writes the novels my mum likes?

For my novels and creative writing coaching you need to  visit the website next door. Click on the button and stand well back.

With over 20 years experience working in the world’s oldest profession,

I understand the science of persuasion.

And good headlines.
The world’s oldest profession, of course, is storytelling.
(You knew that, right?)
Digital marketing may be new, but the human heart hasn’t changed much in the past five million years and ’conversion’ is really just a new word for persuasion.
Making people do things you want.
The language of persuasion is storytelling. Before you run for the hills, we are not talking Snow White here, we are talking neuroscience, an alternative operating system of the mind. Five hundred years ago Scheherazade used it to persuade a Sultan not to chop off her head.
If you are ever unlucky enough to find yourself on trial for your life, your lawyer will use it to convince the jury you were at your basket-weaving class that night.

Storytelling is the Trojan Horse you use to smuggle your message into the reader’s heart. Take a look at the article below and see if you agree.

Pryce really is in a league of his own